Abella Eyewear

Tired of spending a ton of money on designer sunglasses? 

Looking for something durable and affordable along with a trendy look?

Then, I have the right glasses for you!

Abella Eyewear, an innovative company that sells swimwear and sunglasses that look designer and feel better than designer glasses. They come in all different shapes and colors for a different, chic look with every pair.

With my code “WHATSHESEEES” you can save 30% off any order!

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The Ultimate Super Bowl Food

Super Bowl 53, did you watch it?

I did because it just so happens that it was my home team that won.                                      Go Pats!

The Patriots now have Six-Super-Bowl-Rings and I couldn’t be happier for the G.O.A.T Tom Brady. He played another yet unbelievable season along with Edelman, Gronk, Hightower, Michel and so many more players who worked there but off this season to redeem themselves from last years loss.

Of course, I had a Super Bowl party. I cooked all day to make the perfect football food!      That included, yes you guessed it! Wings.

Luckily, I found this awesome new recipe and meal to make for dinner and decided to implement that into this year’s Super Bowl because it made such great grub for that type of occasion. Along with a customized Charcuterie plate and my favorite and famous dip (don’t worry I’ll share the recipes)!

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The ultimate 80’s kid dream

Adulting isn’t always boring when you can go to a restaurant/arcade that serves alcohol, right?

Versus is the ideal gamer hangout in Boston. It just opened and I highly recommend a visit ASAP. It’s Boston’s first arcade bar in Downtown Crossing.

The food is incredible along with the playlist (nothing but throwbacks). The atmosphere brings the place alive with its beautiful graffiti artwork, arcade games that we all grew up on and love such as Nintendo, TMT, Crazy Taxi, Skeeball, Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Pinball, Connect Four, Shuffleboard, Air Hockey and even Jenga (big and small).

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How do you feel about Ramen?

Living in New England there is honestly nothing better than having Ramen Noodles on a cold winter night for dinner. My favorite place to visit happens to be in Salem, Massachusetts (one of my favorite towns, ever)Kokeshi



They set out to create a dining experience that brings bold, authentic flavors to historic Salem from a different part of the world. Their Asian-inspired menu items include ramen and a number of tasty small plates which are easy to share!

Below is a picture of my favorite Starter, The Lettuce Wraps – but I must warn you (they are too good to share). Also, they are tasty “small plates” so you may want to order two order for a group of 4 or more to share with.


                             Lettuce Wraps are made  with Crispy Chicken, Scallions, Cilantro,                                              Cucumber, and their  Special Sauce along with Asian Pear Nuac Cham                                                                                   $9.00

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“I read somewhere… how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong, but to feel strong… to measure yourself at least once.”

Some may or may not know the meaning to that.                                                                      But I do.

It’s important to find happiness within yourself before you can pass that happiness onto others.

You have to forgive yourself before forgiving someone else…                                                You have to be strong for yourself before sharing your strength…
You have to know what you want before you can express yourself to someone else.        Or invest in something other than you. 
It’s all in the mind, heart and soul.

In your core is the answer.

It may take sometime to resonate with yourself but when it happens you’ll see with a clearer perspective on what it is that you seek to find and enjoy in your life.

Regardless when times get tough and you feel empty inside. Just know that you always have to find yourself within and accept what it is that you hold deep inside of yourself.


talk soon,

xx j 


The Current

Start a new job soon. Looking forward to a change and getting back into the rhythm of routine. It’s always fun starting over, until you start to dread what your doing again.

It’s one of the hardest challenges of life, to know you have to work to survive.

As temporary as this may be, this is exactly what I thought about my last job. I ended up LOVING it. But I moved on and I could potentially love this too.

As the weeks go by.

And the months past through.

I’ll experience change.

And it will feel brand new.


talk soon                                                                                                                                                     xx j

To be a writer..

This journey has been hard. And I know it will get harder from here. Then it will get easier. It will be more fun. It will change my life. But I need to get there first.

Writing for me has always been easy besides telling the story. What is the story? I still don’t know. But you have to try and just keep writing and pray it will come together somehow?

I struggle with the thought that I’ll never been an Author one day. Or that my story won’t be good enough or appealing to everyone. I get frustrated when I think about failure. Then I get courageous again when I watch my Indie Author friends do well.

It comes with a lot of challenges and mixed feelings ,but ultimately I think I’m up for the challenge. I need to do this, for myself.

Because in the end, it’s for ourselves right?

talk soon                                                                                                                                                   xx   j